Mastering the Art of Practicing

Learn how to reach ALL of your goals with less effort, in less time, while having more fun by using the science behind the most effective and efficient practicing possible!

            Have you been frustrated lately due to seeing minimal improvements in your musicianship?  Have you been stuck in a rut lately and are unsure what you actually should be practicing?  Are you sick of seeing your friends and peers leave you behind as they become better and better musicians while you feel lost, confused, and annoyed that this is happening? Have you been feeling burned out and practicing just feels like a chore?

            Let’s face it, practicing can be very difficult at times for a variety of reasons.  This is true for everyone no matter how long they have been practicing for or what their abilities are.  While practicing, it can be hard to stay motivated, to stay focused, and it can even be difficult to know what you should be practicing.  It also is tricky at times to know when, for how long, and how frequently you need to work on specific things in order to reach your goals.  The fact is, practicing anything correctly is an art and skill that you must work on developing in order to have the highest level of success and efficiency in reaching your personal goals. 

            The vast majority of musicians do NOT practice correctly which leads to frustration, doubt, inefficient and ineffective practicing, confusion and more.  The musicians that actually take the time properly prepare and practice, while having a clear vision of what their goals are, and while knowing how to make their goals reality will always become better technical and more creative musicians than those who do not.  And, they will likely do this upwards of 5-10x faster than if they had not.  Imagine being the musician that you want to be in 3 years instead of 10 years!

            Mastering the Art of Practicing was design by Zack Uidl to help teach music students how to reach ALL of their goals as quickly as possible.  Goals and mental or physical abilities are constantly evolving as you develop as a musician.  This course will allow you to always have a firm understanding of the results that you want and how to make that result reality with minimal time and maximum efficiency.


Mastering the Art of Practicing eBook/Course Overview

Chapter 1: Preparing yourself for your practice revolution

            Without proper preparation, you are holding yourself back dramatically. Problems arise all the time in many different ways and with varying levels severity.  Careful, specific and detailed preparation help ensure that you will not be held back by any problem when it truly matters.  In this segment, you will learn:

  • What it means to truly practice
  • The importance of setting goals
  • How to choose your goals
  • The importance of your attitude while practicing
  • And more!


Chapter 2: Beginning your practice revolution

            When starting a new schedule or practice habits, the beginning stages of this are very important in building momentum and having a clear plan of action towards your goals.  Without this stage, you will never practice as effectively as you would have with it.  In this segment, you will learn:

  • How to create your ideal practice schedule
  • How to organize your practice space and material for maximum efficiency
  • When, what and for how long you should be practicing to reach your goals
  • How to track your progress
  • How to adjust your practice schedule when needed
  • And more!


Chapter 3: The mentality of a strong practicing mind

            While it may surprise most people to read this, the vast majority of issues that you might experience while practicing have nothing to do with your physical abilities. While you may think an issue is due to a physical problem, in reality, it could likely be your mind that is holding your back from making things happen.  The mental aspects of practicing are unfortunately often overlooked by many music teachers.  In this segment you will learn:

  • How to build motivation determination
  • How to adjust your mentality for optimal practicing
  • How to warm up your mind before practicing
  • How to avoid mental boredom while practicing
  • How to fix common problems that occur while practicing
  • And more!


Chapter 4: The physicality of a strong practicing body

            The physical aspect of playing, while commonly the easiest to observe, can present some interesting challenges.  Physical issues both large and small can easily hide in plain sight, especially when you are practicing.

  • How to improve physical relaxation for optimal performance
  • How to avoid physical boredom
  • How to practice for technical speeds and results
  • How to adjust what you are doing physically to improve your practicing
  • How to fix more common problems
  • And more!


Chapter 5: Making your mind and body one

            Making your mind and body work as one is essential if you want to reach your goals quickly.  This is often the hardest thing for people to learn how to do.  In this segment you will learn:

  • How to practice connecting your mind and body to your instrument
  • How to build mental endurance
  • How to build physical endurance
  • Learn what it means to have control over your instrument
  • How to focus your energy on a specific task
  • And more!


Chapter 6: Continuing your musical journey

            There are always new goals, new challenges to overcome and numerous ways to continue to expand your knowledge and abilities.  It is important to consistently strive to improve yourself by taking what you have learned and applying it to all of your new goals!


What is included/Options in Mastering the Art of Practicing

            Mastering the Art of Practicing is designed to meet any individual’s needs and desires.  What this means is there are different options that you may choose

Mastering the Art of Practicing eBook

            The Mastering the Art of Practicing eBook will become available outside of this class in the early spring of 2013.  Until then, this eBook is exclusive to only the people that are taking part the class.

Exclusive access to the private PMA Student Forum

            Every student will be given access to the private PMA student forum.  Here you will take part in weekly discussions after each class.  Not only will you be able to receive help from your peers, but you also have direct access to all PMA instructors as well.  By using this forum, you will see faster results, get your issues solved quickly, and be surrounded by a positive and encouraging community that is dedicated to your personal growth as a musician!


Weekly Assignments

            Each week, you will be given assignments that are designed to help your individual needs and development.  These assignments will include worksheets, discussions on the PMA student forum, and more.  These assignments ensure steady progress for all students.

Music Studies Starter Kit

            Every student of the class, or anyone who simply purchases the eBook only will receive a starter kit to help you stay highly organized and effect as you work through the book and class.  This starter kit includes:

  • Weekly practice logs
  • Weekly practice schedules
  • A goal outlining assistants for your:
    • Short term
    • Mid Term
    • And long term goals
  • Blank tablature paper
    • For 4 and 6 string instruments
  • Blank sheet music paper
  • 12 Fret blank fretboard charts
    • For 4 and 6 string instruments
  • Blank chord/scale charts
    • For 4 and 6 string instruments


    Music Studies Complete Kit

                For those students who are looking to take things even further, the Complete Musical Studies Kit is a great option.  In addition to everything that is included in the starter kit, you will also receive:

    • Monthly practice log
    • Yearly practice log
    • Monthly practice schedule
    • Yearly practice schedules
    • 12 Fret blank fretboard charts
      • For stringed instruments with 4 to 8 strings
    • 24 fret blank fretboards
      • For stringed instruments with 4 to 8 strings
    • Blank tablature paper
      • For stringed instruments with 4 to 8 strings
    • Blank treble cleff standard notation paper
    • Blank bass cleff standard notation paper
    • Blank grand staff standard notation paper


    Optional live support

                In order to offer the best possible personalized help for the students of this class, live support calls are available.  These calls allow you one-on-one time with a PMA instructor where you can get help on figuring out your practice schedule, helping your figure out solutions to the problems you are having, get deeper clarification in addition to the course material or simply use the time to make sure that you are moving forward towards your goals as efficiently as possible.


                Are you dedicated to making yourself the musician that you want to be?  Are you ready to end your frustration and start to see incredible growth in your abilities?  Are you excited to start to make each and every goal of yours reality? It is time to transform your musicianship by learning how to practice like a pro!



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