Classes and programs offered at Paramount Music Academy

Private lessons
Private lessons are offered for multiple instruments at our given sites Having one on one sessions with an instructor allows you to:
  1. Learn more content in one given session that you can learn on your own in a week
  2. Get your questions answered immediately
  3. Have your technique observed, with input given, to help you help you become a more efficient player
Group classes
Group lessons are an excellent option for many people. Many people often find that they learn better in a group setting. In particular, beginner musicians and children often find it to be very enjoyable to be in group classes. Here is what group lessons have to offer:
  1. The opportunity to play with other, like minded, musicians
  2. Hear questions asked and answered that you might not have thought of during your lesson time
  3. Become comfortable playing in a group environment and in front of other people
Music Theory and Aural Training for Guitarists
This class was specifically designed to fill a void in the guitar instruction world. There has never been a class like this that teaches these concepts and ideas in ways that are specific to guitarists in this level of detail, ever!

This class covers everything you would every need to know about music theory and aural training. Literally. This intensive class starts at the very beginning and takes you to what would be the end of music theory classes at the majority of colleges and universities. And, the best part is, it is all specifically created for guitarists!

Mastering the Art of Practicing

Learn how to reach ALL of your goals with less effort, in less time, while having more fun by using the science behind the most effective and efficient practicing possible!

Have you been frustrated lately due to seeing minimal improvements in your musicianship? Have you been stuck in a rut lately and are unsure what you actually should be practicing? Are you sick of seeing your friends and peers leave you behind as they become better and better musicians while you feel lost, confused, and annoyed that this is happening? Have you been feeling burned out and practicing just feels like a chore?

Let’s face it, practicing can be very difficult at times for a variety of reasons. This is true for everyone no matter how long they have been practicing for or what their abilities are. While practicing, it can be hard to stay motivated, to stay focused, and it can even be difficult to know what you should be practicing. It also is tricky at times to know when, for how long, and how frequently you need to work on specific things in order to reach your goals. The fact is, practicing anything correctly is an art and skill that you must work on developing in order to have the highest level of success and efficiency in reaching your personal goals.

The vast majority of musicians do NOT practice correctly which leads to frustration, doubt, inefficient and ineffective practicing, confusion and more. The musicians that actually take the time properly prepare and practice, while having a clear vision of what their goals are, and while knowing how to make their goals reality will always become better technical and more creative musicians than those who do not. And, they will likely do this upwards of 5-10x faster than if they had not. Imagine being the musician that you want to be in 3 years instead of 10 years!

Mastering the Art of Practicing was design by Zack Uidl to help teach music students how to reach ALL of their goals as quickly as possible. Goals and mental or physical abilities are constantly evolving as you develop as a musician. This course will allow you to always have a firm understanding of the results that you want and how to make that result reality with minimal time and maximum efficiency.

Recording classes
Have you ever wanted to learn how to record your own music or other bands and musicians? Let us help! In Paramount Music Academy's recording classes, you will learn:
  1. How to properly record all types of instruments, this includes proper ways to prepare the instrument or equipment for recording, microphone placement techniques, and more.
  2. How to use various DAWs such as Pro Tools, Cubase and Reaper. Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) have revolutionized the recording process and has brought studio quality sound affordably to the home. In PMA's recording classes you will learn everything you need to setup and record with your own PC and DAW software, as well as, how each DAW is similar and different.
  3. How to prepare your recorded tracks for mixing, this includes editing, reamping, effectively applying effects such as reverb and compression effectively, and much more.
  4. How to mix your projects and make everything sound out evenly and clearly
  5. How to master your mixes to glue your project together and create professional sounding tracks